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Founder, Gord Andrews, started his amateur winemaking career in 1969 making wine using fresh grapes from the Okanagan Valley, California, and Washington State. In the 1990's, the quality of the 'kit' wines developed dramatically, to the point where one could make an exceptional wine by enhancing the wine 'kit' with extra ingredients.

By 1996 Gord had developed many recipes for the various wines and had started to enter them into local and provincial competitions. The awards came fast and furious. In 2000, he entered into his first International Competition with the Home Wine and Beer Trade Association from the U.S.A., at the time the largest and oldest amateur wine competition in North America. With 18 entries, Gord won 13 awards. In the 2003 Wine Maker International Wine Competition, Crescent Wines entries placed SECOND overall, competing with entries from 41 states, 8 Canadian provinces, and 4 countries!

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In 2007, Crescent Wines had collected over 225 awards; including 150 international awards. In the 2008 Wine Maker International Wine Competition, Crescent Wines won "RETAILER OF THE YEAR", first in Canada, second Internationally collecting another 34 medals. There were over 4300 entries making it the largest competition in the world. In the 2009 Wine Maker International Wine Competition, Crescent Wines was awarded "U-VIN OF THE YEAR" collecting another 32 medals bringing the total to almost 300 medals. See the medals section for more details.

The wines of Crescent Wines have won more awards (over 400 by 2012) than any other U-VIN in North America. We owe this honour to developing recipes for enhancing the already exceptional wine kits that we use, and by using our own methods of racking and handling the wine during its fermentation process. If you are looking for quality, that's what you will find at Crescent Wines.
Ross Ryan

Ross writes to Kathy and Paula, “ Thanks for the wine. Our team thought it was great. No wonder you ladies won all those awards.”
Donna Muelaner

Donna has been a customer of Crescent Wines since 1997 and she says “ I have been bottling wine for 14 year with Crescent Wines and I am absolutely delighted with the wine I have been making. I went on a wine tour in the Okanagan and I personally feel that Gord’s wine is far superior. Whenever I take my wine to friend’s homes, they are always so impressed with the flavour as well as the price. My favourites are the Cabernet Merlot and the Gewürztraminer.”

While bottling her wine Florence says to Paula, “Now when I go out, I don’t really enjoy the store bought wine. Crescent’s wine is much better!”
Carol Purkis

Carol Purkis has been bottling wine for 15 years at Crescent Wines and she states “ I have been extremely happy will all the wine I have made. It is awesome and our whole family enjoys the wine. It is especially popular at our family gatherings.”
Pat and Pat Philofer

Pat and Pat Philofer came into the Langley store saying “You’ve got a great business here. Your ears must have been burning all week because we’ve been telling our friend about the wine, the service, and how happy we are with you. Our friends from High Prairie, Alberta are very envious.”

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