Additives, Sanitizing and Cleaning

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Yeast - Lalvin EC-1118

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Acid Blend 200g

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Chloroclean - 1kg
Chlorinated alkaline cleaner/sanitizer for beer & wine equipment.

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Citric Acid - 1kg

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Potassium Metabisulphite
For sterilizing equipment, bottles and corks; and as an additional supplement to the wine (measurements vary with volume of wine) as a preventative aid against oxidization.

Dissolve 50g (approx. 3 tablespoons) sulphite crystals in 4L of cool water.

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Campden Tablets (Potassium Metabisulphite) 50
Promotes oxidation and promotes rapid clearing. 50 tablets

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Chitosan - 150ml
High quality liquid fining agent. When combined with Kieselsol, Chitosan will clarify wine in a short time and is syphoned away from the clear wine as part of the sediment. Add Kieselsol to carboy of wine. Stir gently to mix. Attach lock. After 24 hours, add Chitosan. Stir gently for 10 seconds to mix. Attach air lock. Rack in 7-14 days when clear. Chitosan is derived from shellfish.

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Kieselsol - 12.5ml
Fining for wine and beer.  Add Kieselsol to carboy of wine. Stir gently to mix. Attach air lock.

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Yeast Nutrient
Balanced yeast food to ensure a clean and complete fermentation.
When making up white juice, dissolve 20g (approx. 4 tsp.) in 23L of must. When making up red juice, dissolve 15g (approx.3 tsp) in 23L of must.
Contains Diammonium Phosphate.

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Yeast Energizer

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Wine Conditioner - 500ml
Sweetens finished wine.
Sweetener with stabilizer.
Add to wine after stabilizing and clearing.
Contains Sugar and/or Glucose-Fructose, Potassium Sorbate.

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Corn Sugar/Dextrose - 2kg

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Grape Concentrate - Red 1L

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Grape Concentrate - White 1L

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