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Kathy Lawler and John Mack are the current owners of Crescent Wines Ltd. taking over in the fall of 2018. Kathy is one of the original owners of the Crescent Wines in Langley which opened in 2004 (and merged with the White Rock store in 2022). She started her amateur wine making with her father's influence over 40 years ago, making wine at home from similar kits that are still used today (although very much improved).
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In the beginning … Kathy and previous co-owner Paula were bottling some of Paula's wine at the original White Rock store when they heard Gord, founder of Crescent Wines, talking about the possibilities of franchising. It sounded like fun and they decided to turn their hobby into a business and started the process of opening their own franchise. Crescent Wines Langley was in business from spring 2004 until early 2022 when it moved and merged with the White Rock location. Paula retired at the end of 2016 and Kathy continued to operate the store along with her husband John. Gord has also since retired.

In the fall of 2018, Kathy and John also acquired the original Crescent Wines in White Rock and Kathy now operates and manages that location. Kathy attributes their success to the unique methods and procedures Gord instilled over the years.

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Allison, Kathy's daughter, joined Crescent wines in the fall of 2018 shortly after Kathy and John acquired the White Rock/South Surrey store. She has managed the White Rock location doing both production and store operations. We've enjoyed her enthusiasm and love of wine as she's gotten to know you and the wines you love. She will be on maternity leave starting in March 2022 but we will all look forward to having her back in the store when her maternity leave ends.

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Hayley joined us in March 2020 and has enjoyed meeting everyone by helping customers out front as well as taking care of the wine in production. Hayley's husband has been making wine using our kits from home for years, so Hayley has been thrilled to learn the process, and possibly with her husband :).

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Megan joined us in October 2020 and had been doing mainly production until Allison announced she was expecting. Megan has since learned other operations of the store and you will see her out front helping customers as well. She is also a wine lover and fits in perfectly with all aspects of our service.
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